Company Profile

ST Home Furnishing Sdn. Bhd. is specialised in curtain, blind, flooring, carpet, wallpaper, interior design and renovation. We provide services to all homes, offices, government departments, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial outlets, and various large-scale projects.

ST Home Furnishing Sdn. Bhd.
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Why Choose Us?

• Free quotation and curtain installation
• Enjoy the highest quality products and the excellent services at low prices
• We have professional sewing department, installation department, interior design department, and skilful technical department.
• We keep our principles of integrity, friendly, and patience to serve all customers.

Mission and Vision

• To create a perfect home to our customers
• To let our customers to enjoy the highest quality home renovation services at low prices
• Strive to be the large chain store of one-stop curtains and renovation by setting up the outlets throughout Malaysia.

Story of The Founder & The Company

• Founder : Simon NG
1986: Simon worked as an apprentice or trainee in Singapore (Started to enter into textile industry).
1991: Simon promoted to be a salesman in wholesale department, responsible for handling orders in whole Malaysia.
1996: In partnership venture with friends, Simon established the first cloth shop in Malacca, mainly for selling the Malay traditional cloth.
1998: In partnership with friends, another 3 branches were set up (2 in Malacca, 1 in Johor).
1998: From partnership turned into sole proprietorship, Simon took over the 2 branches in Malacca, while his partner took over the branch in Johor.
1998: Simon also set up another branch in Malacca (Total 3 outlets at the moment).
2000: Simon closed the 3 outlets in Malacca due to the economic crisis, and then relocated back to Tangkak, set up another new company named Sri Tangkak Textiles.
2002: The 2nd branch was in Segamat, Johor.
2003: The 3rd branch was in Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan.
2008: Total 5 branches in Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan, named as ST curtain Trading.
2008: Transformed the traditional cloth shop into a professional curtain shop (initially in Nilai 3), and set up the sewing department and installation department.
2009: In Johor Bahru, Seremban, and Bangi, each set up a branch, then Simon set up the headquarters in Tangkak. (Totally 9 outlets at the moment)
2011: Simon set up another outlet in Tangkak, (10th outlets), and transformed again the professional curtain shop into a 1-stop curtains and interior decoration. The services provided include curtains, cushion, carpets, flooring, tiles, wallpapers, plaster ceiling, furniture, kitchen appliances, marble table, hydropower projects, and so on.
2012: The 11th outlet was in Malacca.
2013: Converted into a Limited Company became ST Home Furnishing SDN. BHD. and also provided interior design services.
2014: The 12th outlet was also in Malacca.




• 免费估价与窗帘安装
• 以低廉的价格享有高品质和最完善的产品与服务
• 拥有专业的缝纫部门,窗帘安装部门,室内设计部门,各项室内装修技术部门
• 以诚信,友善,耐心的服务态度对待所有客户


• 为顾客打造属于他们的完美家居
• 让顾客以低廉的价格享有最高品质的家居装修服务
• 公司目标在全马各地开设连锁店,成为大型一站式窗帘与装修连锁店


• 创办人-Simon NG
• 1986年: Simon在新加坡打工做学徒(开始接触这行业)
• 1991年: 被老板赏识升职做批发部销售员,负责处理全马的订单
• 1996年: 和朋友合股创业,在马六甲开了第一间布店,以马来民族传统花布为主
• 1998年: 和朋友合股的布店共开了3间分店(马六甲2间,新山1间)
• 1998年: 和朋友拆股了,原因是大家要各自发展(Simon接手马六甲2间分行,友人接手新山1间分行)
• 1998年: 在马六甲开多一间分店(共3间)
• 2000年: 因为市场上的经济风暴关闭了马六甲的3间分店,然后搬迁回本土柔佛州东甲开启了另一家新公司,店名为 Sri Tangkak Textiles
• 2002年: 在昔加末开第二间分店
• 2003年: 在森美兰州Nilai 3开了第3间分店
• 2008年: 在森美兰州Nilai 3共有5间分店,店名为 ST Curtain Trading
• 2008年: 把传统花布店改变成专业窗帘店(Nilai 3是第一家把传统花布店改变成专业窗帘店)并开设了缝纫部门与窗帘安装部门
• 2009年: 在柔佛新山,森美兰州芙蓉, 雪兰莪州Bangi各开了一间分店(共9间分店)并在东甲成立了公司总部
• 2011年: 在东甲开多一间分店(共10间)并把专业窗帘店转变成一站式窗帘与室内装饰,服务范围包括窗帘,古申,地毯,地板,地砖,壁纸,石膏,家私,厨房用具,大理石桌面和水电工程等等。
• 2012年: 在马六甲开多一间分店
• 2013年: 把公司转换成有限公司(ST Home Furnishing Sdn. Bhd.)并增加了室内设计服务
• 2014年: 在马六甲开了第二间分店(共12间)